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Equimap empowers UAE equestrians. Join us to connect with the community.

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#1 Booking App for horse riding in the Middle-East

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Welcome to Equimap, your premier destination for all things equestrian! From riding gear to equipment, we've got you covered for an exceptional riding experience.


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Join Equimap: The Premier Equestrian Platform in the Middle East

Welcome to Equimap, the first and foremost platform in the Middle East dedicated to equestrian services. Whether you offer horseback riding trips, riding lessons, horse livery, veterinary care, or farrier services, Equimap is your gateway to reaching a wider equestrian community.

Equimap is your gateway to the world of equestrian excellence, right at your fingertips. As leaders in the industry, we're proud to collaborate with esteemed partners and offer unparalleled safari trips, premium brands, and expert training packages to riders of all levels.

With our user-friendly mobile app, accessing the wonders of the equestrian world has never been easier. Whether you're on the go or planning your next adventure from the comfort of home, our app puts the power of Equimap in your hands. Discover exclusive deals, browse top brands, and book your next ride or training session with just a few taps.

Experience the thrill of exploring breathtaking landscapes and forging unforgettable memories with our safari trips. From tranquil forest rides to exhilarating desert hacks, our trips cater to every rider's preference and skill level.

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