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How to Use the Equimap App?

Embark on an effortless and enjoyable equestrian adventure with Equimap, your go-to app for all things horse riding. Available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, the Equimap app is designed to simplify your equestrian experience. From discovering local riding trails to booking horseback riding lessons and connecting with the equestrian community, Equimap brings a world of horse riding services to your fingertips. This guide will walk you through the app's features and functionalities, ensuring you make the most out of your Equimap experience. Let's saddle up and start exploring!


Download Equimap

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Explore Our Diverse Equestrian Clubs: Dive into a world of horse riding options and find the perfect club to match your style and preferences.


Time Slot & Pay

Select the date and time that best fits your schedule for a hassle-free riding experience.Complete your booking with a simple and secure payment.


Joy of Riding

Embark on your equestrian adventure and, once you're done, we'd love to hear about your experience.

Need More Information? For more details and answers to your questions, please check our FAQ section.

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