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Elevate Animal Health with VET222 in the UAE

Proudly Distributed by Equimap

Experience the pinnacle of equine health and safety with VET222, a groundbreaking Far UV-C disinfection technology now available in the UAE, exclusively through Equimap. At the forefront of veterinary care innovation, VET222 is engineered to offer unmatched protection against a wide array of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, effectively neutralizing 99.9% of these harmful microorganisms. This state-of-the-art technology ensures a chemical-free, non-invasive approach to disinfection, prioritizing the health and well-being of horses in every environment, from stables to clinics.

About VET222 – Disinfection Technology


Through our exclusive partnership with UV Medico, Equimap is proud to bring this innovative solution to the UAE's equestrian community & pet lovers. We invite you to explore the transformative potential of VET222 and join us in setting a new standard for equine health and safety.

VET222's advanced Far UV-C technology is specifically designed to be safe for both animals and humans, offering continuous air and surface disinfection without the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals. Its efficiency and safety are backed by extensive research and endorsements from global health organizations, making it a trusted choice for equine professionals and enthusiasts across the UAE. Whether in a bustling equestrian club or a serene private stable, VET222 stands as a testament to our commitment to elevate equine healthcare standards.

Your Investment is Safe

Stable Barn

Safety First

Vet222 employs Far UV-C light, creating a safe haven for your horses and ensuring peace of mind for stable owners


Versatility is key! Vet222 adapts to your stable's unique layout, offering a customized solution for stalls, barns, and trailers

Guardian Against Pathogens

Bid farewell to harmful viruses and bacteria! Vet222's cutting-edge tech ensures a 99.9% reduction, keeping your stable pristine

Seamless Integration

Upgrade without the hassle. Vet222's installation is smooth, maintenance is minimal, and the benefits are endless.

Why VET222 for All Animal Facilities?

  • Universal Protection: Effectively neutralizes 99.9% of pathogens, ensuring a safe environment for horses, pets, and other animals.

  • Human and Animal Safety: Utilizes Far UV-C light, a non-invasive technology that's safe for both animals and humans.

  • Eco-Friendly and Efficient: Offers a chemical-free alternative, reducing environmental impact and operational costs.

How Does VET222 Work?

VET222 employs the Far UV-C light wavelength (222 nm), which effectively inactivates microorganisms like viruses and bacteria without penetrating or damaging living tissues. This technology ensures comprehensive disinfection while maintaining the utmost safety for all present in the environment.

Applications in Animal Facilities:

  • Veterinary Clinics: Protecting both patients and staff from harmful pathogens.

  • Pet Daycares: Ensuring a hygienic play and rest environment for pets.

  • Horse Stables: Maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and disease prevention.

VET222 Presentation
VET222 Stable lamps at Helgstrand Dressage stables.

Keeping horses free of infections can be a challenge, in particular during competitions. The Equine Herpes Virus EHV-1 is of particular concern since it is a highly contagious airborne virus with fatal consequences for the horses. The spread of this virus at shows can have a detrimental impact. One example is the outbreak during the CES Valencia Tour 2021. More than 100 horses were infected and several died due to the severity of the virus.

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